Impressionist Warrior Photoshoot

image (8)

The Impressionist SnapBack & Sweatshirt Photo shoot held at Artisan Tattoo Gallery in the City of Pittsburgh, was an extraordinary experience. The intent behind this shoot was to capture a brand representation of unconventional cultural diversity, & raw emotion, while satisfying the Unique Impression brand standard of authentic artistic expression.

Freelance artist, Abby Jackson, was called upon for creative influence on the project. Jackson decorated the fashion models in face paint that would complement the bold “Impressionist” brand statement, as well as the ambiance of Artisan Tattoo Gallery. A sample of Jackson’s finished product is pictured above, with each model wearing his own unique design of “warrior” face paint.

Photographer, Malcolm Davis, captured photographs of the models wearing the SnapBack & Sweatshirt in various emotionally expressive poses at a variety of angles. The impressionist viewer will notice that many of the model positions and expressions mock the artwork on the walls of the gallery. The Artisan Tattoo Gallery was selected by Unique Impression CEO,  Michelle Steele, while looking for a location that represented “self-expression” through visual art.

When Steele was asked what inspired the concept behind the Impressionist photo shoot, she responded: “The inspiration came from the message conveyed in the impressionist movement. The message being, the world of art has no boundaries. We all have the power to create, innovate, and inspire change.”. From one impressionist to another the message Steele was communicating, I understood loud and clear. Develop your own opinion of this brand by visiting .

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