Spring Collection

Unique Impression Clothing unveils the birth of, “The Prodigy”, black on white crew neck cotton t-shirt…

photo 2

…and the re-birth of the Unique Impression classic, “Yearn for More”, crew neck cotton t-shirt, with a “steel city” color way influence…

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Fashion Statement

Impressionist Snapback 

The Snapback  hat has rediscovered its 1990’s influence and has transcended into a canvas for expression and self-identification.  The simplicity of the solid color Snapback made it the perfect canvas for  Unique Impression Clothing to embroider their brand identity.  Soldiers of the impressionist movement will appreciate this self-identifying, embroidered badge of honor.    

The “Impressionist Snapback”  hat can be found on www.uniqueimpressionclothing.com .  This hat will be worn with purpose and fashion relevance.  The urban flat brim Snapback has been found in the arsenal of many fashion forward designers  moving  into 2014.  The Snapback is a true fashion “Statement”, and no longer just says “I am a member of….”, or “I am a fan of….”, it now boldly affirms that  “I AM”!  

Branding Lion