Spring Collection

Unique Impression Clothing unveils the birth of, “The Prodigy”, black on white crew neck cotton t-shirt…

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…and the re-birth of the Unique Impression classic, “Yearn for More”, crew neck cotton t-shirt, with a “steel city” color way influence…

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Unique Impression

Unique Impression Clothing is proud to announce its participation in the RAW Pittsburgh Spectrum Showcase on April 24, 2014.  Spectrum spotlights independent creatives in fashion, visual art, film, music, cosmetic artistry, photography, modeling, and performing arts.

Unique Impression Clothing will showcase its new spring collection on the fashion runway and release exclusive never before seen designs at this epic event.  Don’t miss the opportunity to observe hand picked RAW talent at its finest.  Tickets to this event can be purchased at: http://www.rawartists.org/pittsburgh/spectrum/?artist=207651.

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Meeting of the Minds


Unique Impression Clothing called upon a diverse collective of Streetwear consumers and influencers for a focus group on the 2014 spring collection. The moment the focus group began, it appeared as though the room transformed into a creative think tank and fashion laboratory. The “Fashion Lab” radiated with creative energy and positive vibes.
This was an opportunity for Unique Impression Creative Director, Joktan Faulk to step from behind the curtain and engage with his audience. In this room I witnessed “raw” and “uncut” constructive criticism of previous Unique Impression designs, admiration and respect for the current artwork of Faulk, short debates about societal issues influencing some of the controversial pieces, as well as insightful opinions about the direction the brand should take moving forward.
Faulk reminded the audience that the brand was created to influence what was presently happening in the room, to transform debatable topics into wearable art. In doing so the brand creates unique impressions not only of its fashion designs, but also subjects of social and cultural influence.
This meeting of the minds was a true reflection of the culture this brand creates. The Unique Impression culture supports originality, individuality, and unapologetic expression. In the words of Unique Impression CEO, Michelle Steele, “…may your impressions forever be unique”.

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